Every year (two years ago) my family holds a Ginger Bread House contest. It's full of creativity, smack talk, and competitive siblings. We really get into and it makes it all the more fun:)
The whole family gets together (even if some aren't competing) and we have dinner before the big contest.
 The Rules: 
You get to have two original ingrediants of your own. Whatever food/thing you can think of. 
My mother picks one secret ingredient that we HAVE to use but we don't know what it is until the night of.

Lindsay & Ryan's: 

Crackers & those sticks filled with cream 
Secret ingredient: Fruit Roll UP

Ricky & Alyssa's: (so excited my brother's girlfriend got to join in for the first time. love her)

Pop-tart's & Trident Gum. Used the Fruit Roll Up as tiles.

 Tommy & Kenny's: 

Candy Lane Home: 
Waffle Cones & crackers (I think)

 Josh &  Mine's: 

Pretzel Sticks & Animal Crackers
We used the Fruit Roll Ups as the stands for the Crackers out front:

AND THE WINNER IS............

 That's right! WE FINALLY WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was such a fun night! I love these traditions with my family. I have the best one you know, family I mean.

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Andrea said...

Katie, I love seeing your yearly gingerbread competition! I especially loved the old photos at the end of your post...that is how I remember The Weaver Family!