Christmas Eve was spent with the Kubler side of the Family. We did our annual Christmas Tree Picture & Fish Tacos for dinner! Yep, Fish Tacos! We love this crazy tradition.

 My bro-in-law's Lady made this costume! Crazy talent:
 Finn thought I was crazy!

Christmas day we went to our Church's Christmas service. It was also our last Sunday in Skate Odyssey. We are SO EXCITED to be moving into a local high school! It's been a great year in the rink, but I won't miss the stickiness.

It was a short service which consisted of mostly music lead by my hubby and Hunter. Ben and Job (our pastors) preached a short sermon. Everyone did an incredible job. I love my church family!

After the church service, we spent the rest of the day at my parent's house. My mom's tree & all the presents:
 There was so much yummy food:
 Finn & Shelby are best friends.
 We started a new tradition last year of taking a picture of Josh and I in front of my mom's tree:
Our family of 3: 
 Cowboy Jack:
 Jovie & her baby:
 Cuddle time. They were so tired.
 Their favorite gift were the boxes:

This year was special. We have some friends that live in Australia. There were able to come to the States this winter to visit several families and friends. My sister stayed with them when she went on summer missions a few years back. They came 3 years ago for Christmas and we all just clicked. We were pumped when we found out they were coming this year! I forget to get a picture of everyone but hopefully that will happen before they leave! So glad Doug, Mandy, Ben, Mikaela, Josh and Jadee could come!
Ben & Mikaela with my brothers:
My sister made these adorable ornaments for my mom: 
 He loved the paper:

All the Weaver Kids chipped in to buy my dad a grill that he has REALLY been wanting. We were so excited to give it to him. Needless to say, HE LOVED IT!!!

Click on the image to see it as a GIFF:

On the 27th Josh and I went to his dad's to do Christmas with his family. Josh's brother is in town from New Zealand. Yes, his brother lives in NZ. How fun is that?? We were super excited when we found out they were coming home, too! Josh's grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousins came up from Arkansas so that we could all have Christmas together.

 Jamie (Josh's  step-sister) has this cute little lizard. If Lizards are cute..
 Josh's little half sister: This ornament is adorable. Like her:)
 I just liked this ornament. So cute:
 3 generations of Kubler men. Josh's grandaddy, his dad, and brother:
 Josh's dad with all his kiddos:
 All the girls:

So thankful for this Christmas break. It has been amazing and I'm so glad I have such incredible family. 


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