A post or two back I did a photo recap of this year. I wanted to journal what the Lord has taught me this year in words instead of just pictures. ha. 

So warning, it's all words & no pictures. Oh, I'm sure their will be plenty of grammatical errors and awkwardly worded sentences. So, just prepare yourself. 

This year has been such a blessing for Josh and I. It has literally been an incredible year, and the Lord has revealed so many new things to me. 

I've decided to break down what he has taught me into categories. 

At the beginning of 2011, the Lord started our church, Revision. I wish I could explain in words what the Lord has done through this church in my life and in the other members lives, but it just can't be done adequately. He has moved mountains. I have been able to watch the Lord save and transform lives. I can't explain how humbling it is to be apart of something so great. For the first time in my life, I have real community. These people are my family. I feel as close to them as I do my own family and you know what, THAT'S BIBLICAL! I love it. Also, my husband works his booty off and I love seeing his passion for our church and his desire to see the Lord work through it. He is so humble, meek, selfless, and giving. He loves this church. He is such a perfect example of Christ and the church in our marriage. Goodness, I love him.

Job & Ben do an incredible job preaching. I mean incredible. I'm so thankful my pastors preach every part of the bible. Every part. The dig into his Word and preach all of it. Even the hard part that a lot of pastors don't preach on. One of the coolest things through their preaching is seeing God's perfect timing. They plan their sermons weeks and months in advance, yet almost everytime, it is taught on a Sunday when I needed to hear it most. God is good. 

Another thing that has been so encouraging through our church is seeing all the couples the Lord has brought together through our church and the desire for Godly marriages and families they hold. Also, seeing all the young men he has brought to our church and their desire to be Godly Men and Husbands one day. Literally so encouraging. 

The Lord has taught me through our church what it means to have Biblical Community. What it means to love my neighbor more than myself. What it means to be brothers and sisters in Christ. What it means to die to myself daily and follow Him.

I think I've been most encouraged (besides the preaching and community) through the women of our church. In the spring, the Lord sent Theresa into my life to disciple me. She has taught me so much about being a Godly wife and mother. I'm so thankful for her wisdom in my life and guidance. Audrey, Brittany, and Anna are the other pastor's wives in my church. These three women encourage, rebuke, challenge, and support me on a daily basis. I'm so thankful for their friendship and wisdom. I have a very different relationship with the three of them but all three are such a God send. They all three tell me hard things about myself that I may not like hearing but in the long run, they make me more like Jesus. Anna is my best friend. She literally gets me. I've never been able to be so real with someone and never feel judged. I'm able to be my true self around her, let all of my guards down, and she just accepts it. I'm so thankful for that. Audrey is my sister. I can tell Audrey things that I can't tell others simply because of that bond. I'm so thankful for that. She knows me better than anyone else in that church (besides Josh) and I'm so happy the Lord is letting us walk through this together. Brittany has a special place in my heart also. We are so much alike and I look up to her more than I think she realizes:) In the past few weeks, we have strengthened our relationship and I'm so thankful for it. There are of course other women in our church that have helped me grow. Kelsey (aka my twin) has done so tremendously. She speaks wisdom into my life when she has no idea she is doing so. Kayla is spunky, fun, and such a sweet spirit. I could go on and on but I already did this in a post several months back so I'll stop now:) The Lord has really used these women in my life through this past year to really mold me to be more like Him.

My family. I brag a lot on my family. I realize it probably comes across annoying, but they are literally the best. See, I'm doing it again. My parents have done an incredible job raising 8 kids. Six of whom are grown and all have a walk with the Lord. What a legacy! I love how close I am to my siblings. They are my favorite people in the whole world. We are all so close and would do anything for each other. I'm so thankful for my two beautiful older sisters. I look up to them more than they know, and my three younger brothers are handsome, smart, funny, and witty. I'm pretty protective of them.  I've realized more this year than any other year how thankful I am for my family. I never want to take them for granted. I'm so blessed to have them and so undeserving at the same time. 

Not to forget my Mother-in-law. No doubt the Lord has used her in my life. She has shown me through the year of living with her what it means to serve selflessly. She may not have realized that, but He did. He revealed a lot about Himself to me through her. She might not know how that's possible or how He did it, but He did. And I'm thankful.

Through my relationships this year, the Lord has taught me to be less critical, less judgmental, slower to talk, quicker to listen, and more prayerful for my friends. He has taught me to be sacrificial with my time so I can meet their needs and help them. He has showed me how selfish I can be in relationships and to repent of it and give more of myself. It's been hard but so good.

I'm not going to go into too much detail here. Let's just say this has been an incredible year in our marriage. Yes, we have had our downs. We are human and sinners doing this thing called marriage so it will not be perfect. We have flaws. We argue. We disagree. We complain. But we reconcile. We repent. We talk things out and don't hold grudges. We try to be more like Jesus. We ask for forgiveness. We know we have not arrived. We know our marriage isn't perfect. So, we give it to Jesus. We give Him glory. We keep him at the center. Therefore, we have a great marriage. Through my marriage this year I have learned more about Josh. More about what it means to be a Godly wife and the importance of seeking the Lord first. We just started our Gospel Coaching Life Plan and I'm excited for what it's going to do in the life of our marriage. 
The Lord has used my marriage to show me and teach me the most about Himself. There are so many things I could talk about here.  I'm just so thankful for my God fearing, seeking Husband. 

The Lord has given me a new found work ethic this year through teaching. I love love my job. I love teaching and my kids are the greatest. They can be crazy, but I LOVE them! The Lord has taught me a tremendous deal through my job. 

He has taught me that my husband must come first. Yes, I work hard. I put extra hours into my job, and I strive for excellence. I want to do the best job that I can so that I can bring God the most glory I can. However, the Lord is my first priority. Josh is my second. Ministry is third. Lastly, my job. I have to keep my priorities in check and the Lord has used my job to prune me in this area. He has shown me that before all else, I have to do things with excellence. I have to work hard. I have to be respectful and loving towards my coworkers. I have to be obedient and submissive to my principals. Why? Because my witness and testimony is at stake. If I act vile towards someone I work with, it reflects my Husband's ministry, mine, and my church's. I want to show the love of Christ at all times, even when I don't agree with my coworkers or my kids give me a hard day. At all times, I must act like Christ. What a challenge!

Although I haven't been blessed with any yet, the Lord is already teaching me a great deal about becoming a mother. He has used the women in our church, the sermons, and my quiet times to reveal to me the attributes of a Godly mother.  It starts with being a Godly, submissive wife. I'm excited for the day that Josh and I become parents. We are hoping that in 2012, we can start the road towards parenthood through adoption. I will be posting more about this in the weeks ahead and why we have chosen this avenue for now. I could not be MORE excited. I'm so thankful for my Husband's leadership in this area. He is so wise.

I think this is about it. The Lord has simply moved greatly in my life this year. He has used deep trials like my wreck, struggles of once close friends, and my thyroid to chisel away the sin in my life and to teach me about Him. It has been such a sweet year. I feel like more this year than any other year has the Lord transformed me more into an image of Him. I am not where NEAR close to arrival in my relationship with him. No where near it, thank goodness. I'm just thankful He has saved me and chosen to work in my life despite my sin. There is so much more I could say about what He has done in my life this year and what He has taught me.

He is good. To God be the glory for a great year!

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sweet post, love you & thankful for you!