I got my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday morning. I can actually say that it hasn't been the worst experience. They were all already grown in, so I haven't been too sore. My medicine has made me a little out of it. Husband has absolutely been rad. He has waited on me hand and foot. 

I love this man. 

Today I had two friends stop by with goodies. Anna brought me yummy lime noodles, flowers, and a magazine. Brit brought me her delicious homemade chocolate ice cream. Her and her husband stayed for a bit and played words with friends and watched Friends. I snapped a couple pictures of their little Reid from the couch.

He's a pretty stinkin adorable fella if I do say so myself. 

Husband and I are watching Jurassic park. I pretty much love these movies. Judge me all you want. They are rad, too.

Happy Weekend. 
I hope yours is filled with all your teeth in your mouth.

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Brittany said...

He is just absolutely adorable if I do say so myself, ha!