free crappy portrait=EXCITED!!!!!!!

okay so WEEKS, probably months, ago I submitted a photo to freecrappyportrait.com I've been dying to get an email back from them 

and tonight...


You simply submit a photo. I submitted this one: 

Then you write a brief description of who you are as a couple. I wrote this: 

"Josh is Husband. I'm Kate. Our heart belongs to Africa. He likes music and guitars. I like eating healthy & crafting. We like each other. a WHOLE lot:)"

and then they email you a free crappy portrait. I got THIS: 

LOVE IT!!! I will definitely be printing this and hanging it in my gallery wall:) It's just so fun. some are straight up crappy and some are actually really good. I'm really excited about mine!

They even post them on their blog! So fun!

you should submit one HERE. might take a while. but soooooooooo worth it!

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