11 weeks

Pregnancy Highlights

How far along: 11 weeks

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 4 pounds. This is mostly from eating junk. I've eaten whatever I think I can handle. Mostly, that has been junk. Now that my appetite is slowly coming back, I'm excited to get back to eating healthy! 
Maternity Clothes: none. I'm so ready to have a baby bump.

Best Moment this Week: being on spring break. sleeping in (or trying) everyday. being with husband so much. getting things done I've been behind on. not teaching:)
Gender: still thinking it's a boy....
Movement: none
Food Cravings: bean burritos, wheat thin stixs, apple juice

What I Miss: sleeping through the night. I get up at least twice to go to the bathroom. and vegetables. so ready to want them again.
Sleep:so tired but having a hard time sleeping in over this spring break
What I am looking forward to: the second trimester and my next appointment on the 30th

Belly Button: in. 
I've been scared to workout since I've gotten pregnant. I've been speed walking everyday on my treadmill. I did some research this week. Turns out, I can work out;) I am thinking of ordering a preggo workout dvd. Any body recommend any? 

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