ten things i'm loving right now...

in no particular order, of course.

1. avocado. although I have yet to eat any. my love for them is burning
2. cuddlebug finn. worlds best pup
3.growing happy baby. must be happy with all the crap I've been eating. I mean really... who doesn't love sour cream cheddar chips?
4. my church, Revision. Jesus is moving. A new guest got saved this week. My heart is overwhelmed with joy.
5. the fact that there is only 8 weeks left of school. 8 weeks people... can you hear the trumpets?
6. bagels. Who knew bread could steal my heart?
7. husband. everytime I think he's outdone himself. he out does himself more. word's luckiest girl right here.
8. my new vacuum cleaner. haven't even tried it out yet, but the fact that it says it will suck up finns abundant shedding hair makes me wanna give it a big fat smack kiss. all over.
9. all the crap I'm pinning for baby's room. my pinterest obsession has taken a turn for the worst. sorry followers.
10. hunger games... duh. book was better but the.movie.was.PERFECTION.

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