17 weeks

Pregnancy Highlights

Going with a simple instagram photo this week. I'm too tired to a photoshop one.HA!
How far along: 17 weeks.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: about 10 pound 

Maternity Clothes:You can definitely see my little bump. I can still fit into all my clothes! Praise Jesus! I have worn the Belly Band a few days, but I don't always need it. 

Best Moment this Week: Took today off due to sinus issues, but my sister is having her 3rd baby today!! By far the best moment! We also went to a marriage retreat this past weekend and it was so refreshing! I got some great stuff at a yard sale, too!
Gender: still thinking it's a boy.... we find out MAY 4!!!!!

Movement: I'm pretty sure that I am feeling the baby move. It is hard to tell sometimes if it is just food digesting or the baby. 
Food Cravings: salt and vinegar chips, pickles, orange juice
Food aversions: meat.. yuck.
What I Miss:Feeling healthy. Last week I had stomach bug, this week it's sinus crap. boo.
Sleep: I now have to sleep with a pillow in-between my legs. It's awesome. not.

What I am looking forward to: May 4th! We find out the gender!

Belly Button: in. and hopefully forever.

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