Meet Judah Haddon

Judah, meet everyone...

you already know momma...

 meet brother
 meet mom and dad
 meet iphone:)
 meet sister and her love for books
 meet brother and his love for soap
 meet a tiny itsy bitsy portion of the family
 meet mamie
 okay... I just love this picture. Jovie wouldn't leave her side.
 meet dad
 meet poppa
 meet sister's hand, haha i love it!
 meet your sweet family
This might be the sweetest series of pictures ever. Jovie could not handle her momma being "sick" or hurting in the bed. Sweet thing couldn't control her sadness for momma. She is such a momma's girl.

Judah. You're going to love everyone. promise.

(this is not all of the photos I took at the hospital. I'll load the rest on FB)

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