Yard Sales, Lately:)

Yard sales the past two weeks have been awesome! I've gotten so great stuff for the baby and the house!

The duck and truck were .25cents.

The basket and books were $2.50. I'm going to spray paint the basket. I just loved the shape! 

The boppy, swim trunks, and stroller (with water proof cover) were $6!!!! That's a $80 stroller! Best score ever!

This weekend, my friend, Lizzy, had a yard sale. She and her husband are moving to Kenya this summer. I paid $28 for everything below. A little steep for yard sales, but I was so glad to help them out in any way I could. 
Retro clock:
 Pottery serving platter:
 Anthropology hooks:
 Vintage coasters and holder:
 Pyrex small bowls. Perfect for sauce or ice cream:
 The cutest little door knob:

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