My Life Lately

I've been so awful about keeping up with my personal life posts on this blog. So much has happened in the last few months, and I already have forgotten most of it. sad day. 

School ended in May! I can not believe I finished my first year of teaching. While it had its hard moments, I am so thankful for the wonderful experience at DCMS. My administration was top notch and some of the sweetest people! I will only work for them in the future, that is for sure. On most of my kid's last day, they threw me a baby shower for Canaan. Yes, they-6th graders-threw me a shower all by themselves. It was the sweetest thing ever. They pooled their money and bought decorations, food, and gifts. I totally cried when I saw it.

I am so grateful the Lord allowed me to complete my first year! Although I had such a great experience at DCMS, I will not be returning next year. Praise the Lord, my husband is going to work so hard to let me stay at home with sweet C. This is my real dream job. I can't believe I am going to obtain it at the age of 23. Praise Jesus!!! 

The day after my last day at school, one of my best friends, Kelsey, got married. I took photos on my camera, but I haven uploaded them yet. Here is one from my phone, and the others are from her photographer.

After Kelsey's wedding, I celebrated my last few days of school, and my job of being a stay at home momma. Mother's day came. I was so excited because this is my first mother's day EVER. My momma sent me the sweetest text, and husband got me that pretty jewel. 

I've spent my summer so far relaxing by the pool, and getting into a morning house-wife routine of working out, cleaning, and having my quiet time.  I've also been tackling all the home decor projects I haven't been able to get too!
 I bought these three glass containers at Goodwill for $7. The knobs were $6 total at Hobby Lobby. I already had the spray paint and chalkboard paint. I love them!
 I made these curtains. I will do a whole separate post on these bad boys. I love love love them.

Josh and I just got back from a pastor/marriage retreat and the southern baptist convention. It was a wonderful vacation, and I will post about that soon! I've also been going to yardsales like a crazy women. That is a whole other post in itself too! Just get ready... there are lots of posts coming! I am excited to be home for a few weeks to shoot sessions and continue working on the house. I am so thankful for summer time and the little bit of time Josh and I have left as the two of us. Don't get me wrong.. I can't wait for C to get here, but I also know that never again will it be just Josh and I at home. I am thankful for this time.

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