Pinterest Recipes. YUMM

I have been a cooking machine lately. Being a stay at home wife has given me more time to cook. Josh is a big, BIG fan of this:)

I've been doing a lot of recipes off of Pinterest. I thought I would share the ones I've done so far. All of these were delish and I totally recommend them! They are also all SO SO EASY!

1. Crunch Wrap Supremes.
Great alternative to tacos

2. Parmesan Tilapia.
Josh was a major fan.
also, way easy.
Source: food.com via Katie on Pinterest

3. Tomatos with Parmesan.
Great side dish!

4. Poppyseed chicken.
It was yummy. Josh loved it, but I think I can find a better recipe.

5. Pizza Pasta
This is the first meal I've ever made in a crock pot.
We loved it!

6. Mini Raspberry Cobblers.
So good you will eat way too many!

7. Skinny Skillet Lasagna. Half the calories of regular lasagna and so so so good!

8. Calazones
Josh absolutely loves these and they are so so easy!

Source: squidoo.com via Katie on Pinterest

9. Strawberry Fruit Salsa
My friend, Kelsey, brought this over as an appetizer/dessert for dinner the other night. It was AMAZING! She used graham crackers as a substitute for the tortillas. 

10. Cheesy Chicken Roll Ups

11. Baked Cream Cheese Spaghetti 

12. Mini Apple Pie Roll Ups

13. Cauliflower Pizza Crusts.
It was actually really good!

14. Ham and Cheese Sliders
These are a huge hit with parties! 

15. Amazing Zucchini 

16. Mississippi Sin Bread

17. Spaghetti Squash
I've actually been making this long before Pinterest. It is a great alternative to noodles. So yummy with  just butter and garlic. Or you can put your spaghetti sauce on top. I think it's like 70 calories for half the squash. I really want to find other recipes using this. So yummy!

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