SHOR retreat and the SBC

This past week Josh and I went on the most RELAXING, fun, restful, peaceful, enjoyable three day trip to a lake house. We went through a ministry called SHOR. This ministry was founded by Susanne and Charlie Grigsby. SHOR allows couples in the ministry (pastor's and spouse) to take a weekend getaway FREE OF CHARGE!!!! Yes, you read that right. Josh and I did not pay a dime (but traveling expenses) to stay at a beautiful lake house for three days! All food was included, also! All that they ask, is that you eat dinner with them each night and participate in a prayer time with them. 

Josh and I were, of course, a little apprehensive of the whole situation. How could something be absolutely free and not be some kind of awful trap? Ha! Our friends, George and Joy Ross, know the Grigsbys personally and have gone before. They asked us to come with them, so we knew it had to be some what legit. There was one other couple there besides us. We did not know them, but we had such a fun time of fellowship.

1. It was totally legit. 
2. It was the most relaxing trip of my life. We slept in. They had breakfast sitting out each morning.
3. We ate the most delicious, yummy, and healthy food the whole week.
4. Lunch was always provided and such a fun time to fellowship
5. We took naps every afternoon. 
6. We fished...  if we felt like it.
7. They made the most incredible dinners... steak, fresh fried catfish, spaghetti, and the yummiest of desserts. 
8. They met with each couple individually and just asked what you needed prayer for. 
9. There was absolutely NO mandatory schedule. We did whatever we wanted, when we wanted. 
10. The Grigsbys are the absolute sweetest people in the world.

People donate their homes or vacation houses for free for the retreats. We stayed in a Lake House in Toledo Bend, La.

 The porch. I spent almost all my time here!
 The view from the porch, their pier, and the lake:
We are so thankful we were able to go. We had such a fun time with our sweet friends, The Ross's. Josh and I are definitely going to do this again. I'm so thankful the Lord called the Grigsbys to this ministry. 

GO read about the ministry and how it works! If you are a pastor or spouse, you must go on one of their retreats. You will not regret a FREE vacation!

After the retreat, we headed with the Ross's to the Southern Baptist Convention in NOLA.  Josh and I went last year when it was in Arizona. I love going to this convention. There are always such great speakers, break out sessions for the wives, and we always catch up with friends who don't live near us.  We literally stayed right across the street from convention center. Josh promised, aka said, that we would go back to NOLA since I didn't get to do much site seeing.

 Tim Tebow's mom spoke at one of the women's breakout sessions. She knowledge of scripture was convicting! There was also a panel of church planter's wives who spoke about how they have dealt with family, church, and children. It was so encouraging!
 Baptist21 luncheon and panel with other 1,000 people.

The last night we went to eat with a bunch of friends and to get beignets at Cafe Du Monde. 

I am so thankful we are able to go to the SBC through Josh's job, One8. We had such a sweet time with George and Joy. I didn't take many photos and all of the photos were taken on my little point and shoot. I can't wait to go next year and take C with us!

Celebrity Sighting: 

I was leaving the hotel to walk across the street to the convention to meet Josh. I happened to look into the Starbucks that is connected to our hotel. Sitting there was this cute girl. She looked up at me and smiled. I casually smiled back and kept walking. A second later, it hit me who that girl was. It was Miley Cyrus!!! I am not a huge fan, but I NEVER see celebrities. I decided to go back and casually sit down in a chair a few feet away. Then, Liam Hemsworth comes and sits down next to her. Kill me now. They drink for a moment, and then proceed to leave. I followed them out like a real creeper and snapped another picture. It was the most surreal moment because things like that never happen to me.

The pictures are awful because they are from my old iphone.

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