Yard Sale Catch-Up

Yardsales are the greatest invention of shopping....ever. I mean, I'm obsessed. Now that I know what gender we are having, I have been going crazy buying up everything I can for C. I can't remember a lot of what I paid for some of the items. I bought some of things a month or tow ago.

Swing: $10
 Bumbo: $5
 Pretty sure these were "free" because I bought them with the two items above.
 Shoes: $1 each
 Bath $5
 Box of balls, food container and socks: $4
 Three shirts and a cloth: $3.. I think...
 Two board games: $2
 Gate for our stairs. I plan to spray paint it a fun color: $5... i Think...
 Assortment of sizes of clothes..All of the following clothes I spent $15 bucks on at a yardsale.
Memphis apperal: $2
 Changing Pad: $1
 Shorts and teddy bear: $2 i think...
 Shoes... 50cents
 Books and toy cars: $5
 Small globe: two shirts, shoes, wash clothes, and receiving blankets: $5 I think..
 The following few things we have actually bought at "real" stores haha! But all have been on sale or clearance.

Target: $10
 Once upon a child: $30
 Gap: $40 That is a lot for me, but we were on vacation and everything was on sale with 25% off. I couldn't resist the cute straight leg jeans and jeggings!

For everything mention in this post I spent: drum roll......... 

That's is so much stuff for such a great deal!!! If you don't yardsale... what is wrong with you????

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