DIY Chicken Wire Wall

This past week I've done nothing but DIY projects for the house. After living here 8 months, I am FINALLY decorating our home. I know... I know..  School just took up so much time during the year, and now that it is over, I have a lot to catch up on. 

Slowly but surely, our house is coming along. I still have so much decorating to do in the kitchen (and entire house for that matter), but here is my first project. 


You will need chicken wire and a staple gun. I got my chicken wire at an old local hardware store. I mean the kind ran by a 90 year old man and his son. Sweet man gave me a good deal on this chicken wire. It's 3ft by 50ft I believe. 
 I debated on spray painting the chicken wire to add some fun color. Alas, I did not. I liked the industrial look of the plain wire. I simply unrolled it and started stapling to this wall in my kitchen. Luckily for me, it was just the right width. 

I plan on using this wall as an reusable gallery wall. I wont have to poke a million holes in my wall and it's always a blank canvas when I want to start over. 

I LOVE the final result.

Total Cost: 
(for the chicken wire, however, I have so much left over. I plan to use it in other places around the house. Might even put it in the baby's room or above my bed... endless possibilities)

 Here's a few other small DIY projects I've done to the kitchen: 

DIY Jars: 
Old jars from Goodwill.
Spray paint for lid
New knobs from Hobby Lobby
Chalkboard Paint. 
Viola! Love them!
Total Cost: $13 

DIY Yarn Letters: 
My brother's girlfriend actually did these for me. 
Simple wood letters from Joann's.
Hot glue. 
Viola. Adorable!
Estimated total cost: $11 give or take
the rooster is a yard sale find and the bunt cake mold is from Target clearance. 

DIY Printable
I printed this image off of Google and popped it in a frame. LOVE IT!

I also finally hung our engagement pictures. I love them so much. I'm thinking of hanging something around it, I just don't know what.

So many more DIY projects to come! Say a prayer... My goal is to decorate this entire house (and nursery) before baby comes in October WITHOUT breaking our budget. yikes! I'll be blogging along the way.


Liz - Imageremix said...

Katie, what a great way to make a collage wall. I should try this in my sewing room. I love putting all sorts of things together and mixing it up. Being able to move things about easily is really helpful. Thanks for sharing and good luck with getting all of your decorating done.

Kristina @ ReMadeSimple said...

Wow what a great idea love the artwork you put on it!

Alyssa A said...

This looks so cute!!!! Love those yarn letters! ;) I'm glad you're using them! :)