DIY embroidery hoop art

In case you haven't been annoyed yet by our love for our pup, get ready. You are about to experience a whole new type of annoyance! HA! 

I have a weird, small wall (other side of my chicken wire wall) that I just haven't known what to do with. I've been blog stalking and came across tons of cute embroidery art.  I have no idea how to embroider, and I've never done it before. But, I really wanted to try. 

I thought.. hey...we love Finn... this wall is small...It leads to his play yard... why not make a small shrine for him???  That's normal, right?

I found a hoop at Goodwill for $1. I printed out a silhouette of a German shepherd. It's not exactly like Finn, but my silhouette free hand drawings looked worse than a kindergarteners.  You also need some thread. Duh. and a needle. double duh. I already had the drop cloth fabric.

I have no idea how to correctly stitch. I just went with it for this project. Of course, after I finished, I found this website. I was already done though. Mine looks awful compared to their stitches, but I love the look.

The hoop art needed something else hanging with it. I had this old, small canvas already. I free-handed chevron, because I wanted the "I don't care, messy" look to go along with the hoop. I add an "F" for Finn.

I still felt the space wasn't annoying enough of a shrine yet, so I added a few sweet photos of the pup.

I love the end result. It's not as big as it appears... I promise. I do need something to go in between those light switches though.

I told you it was kind of annoying, but I love it all the same.

Total cost:

I think I'm going to do another one for the baby's room. For the baby.. not for Finn. I promise I love my C more than Finn.

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Carmel @ Our Fifth House said...

Found you over at the DIY Showoff. Love your chicken wire wall - and those curtain panels are amazing - I stenciled some with that same design!