favorite things : C

1. little boy is 2-2.5lbs of love.

2. losing sight of the toes. belly is growing.

3. the tiny feet kicking a marathon late at night and early dusk.

 4. the way his head bulges out of my belly. weird but lovely.

5. the blooming (sometimes hurting) little belly

7. cauliflower. only because C is the size of it.

8. C's daddy.  The amount of love he is pouring out is overwhelming. if you're wondering, no... I don't deserve him.

9.  this little trinket is getting almost too snug on the finger. nonetheless, it will always be a favorite thing. because... he gave it to me. that man... he's my favorite.

10. the combination of bed and husband's pillow is a duo I can't resist.

11.  cuddle sessions with this boy in the mornings. i'm ready for C to play with him.

12. antiquing shopping with my momma. I want to fill my house with these. 

13. C's nightstand. hello beautiful handles. 

14. Vintage comics for C's room. I can't wait to hear C's voice read them. 

15. late night wake up's due to Canaan's constant kicks. This is my favorite thing right now. Although frustrating initially that my sleep is being deprived, the rhythmic counting of those sweet like shoves reminds me that he is in there. He is a part of me. He is growing, moving, playing, dreaming. And Jesus saw him fit to be mine. Humbling. Overwhelming.

Little boy, I love you.

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Love this post!