Girl's Trip 2012

Last week a bunch of my girlfriends and me set off for the beach. We left late Tuesday night, got a hotel, and got to the beach the next morning bright and early. 

Day 1: We drove right up to the beach and laid out for a good 2 hours. Then a massive storm hit so we took shelter at a restaurant, The Hangout, for lunch! We then got our key to the condo, went grocery shopping, made a delish veggie dinner, and watched a movie!

Day 2: MY BIRTHDAY!!! We laid out most of the day. That night, we went shopping at the outlet mall and got dinner at the Oyster House to celebrate my Birthday:) While waiting the 2 hours to be seated, we took awkward pictures and a creeper man wanted to get in my picture.
 29 weeks:)

awkward man:

Day 3: We spent at the pool because of stupid rain. We then went to dinner at Bahama Bob's. We sat on the balcony and had an amazing view of the beach. Surprise... we took pictures while waiting to be seated.

Day 4: We laid out for about 30 minutes that morning. Yes, we were a little desperate for some sun. We then packed up and headed home. I'm so thankful for an amazing trip and I can not WAIT until next year. Hopefully, more girls can come!

A very special shout out to my husband for letting me go. Seriously, love that man!

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