our 4th consisted of sandwiches, homemade Oreo ice cream, cornhole, Revision Family, and, of course, fireworks. so thankful for these people and this night. Even if it was a million degrees outside.

Pregnancy Highlights

How far along: 27 weeks
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 20 pounds
Maternity Clothes:I'm getting super creative with my existing wardrobe. I can still fit my pants with a belly band. I'm wearing a lot of my old dresses as skirts. Most of my shirts wont fit around the baby bump.
Best Moment this Week: Fourth of July and swimming with friends!
Gender: a BOY!
Movement: alllllll the time. love it so much.
Food Cravings: frozen icee pop-icee things
Food aversions: not a whole lot.
What I Miss: Being able to fit into my "non-preggo" summer clothes
Sleep: I'm not getting a whole lof of it unfortunately.
What I am looking forward to: Tomorrow is our next appointment! Can't wait to hear the sweet heartbeat and hopefully get a good report. I have my gestational diabetes test. booo that. praying it comes back negative!
Belly Button: in. and hopefully forever.

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