If you came over for coffee this week...

... I'd tell you about how Finn slept the whole night underneath our bed. May seem non-important to you, but to us, it's huge. One step closer to no cage!

... I'd show you the beautiful flowers from my shower a few weeks ago. Yes, they are dead. But, I still think they are pretty... can't seem to throw them away yet. 

... You'd see the bump. for sure. It's totally there. I'd also tell you how just a simple braid on bad hair days makes this preggo momma feel oh so much better. You'd also probably see my camera still attached to my hand. Practice makes perfect.. or in my case, somewhat okay:)

... You'd see Baby Wise sitting on my coffee table, and I'd tell you how I'm highly considering everything it has to say. Yeah.. it's a little more stern in areas then I will be. But schedule is important to me. I'm just that way. And being a first time mom... I think it will really help me know why my baby is crying and what C really needs. Maybe, it won't. But, It's what I'm going to try.

... You'd also see the mound of thank you cards sitting on my end table. I've written over 50 this week. I'm so thankful for all the people who love sweet Canaan, and were generous enough to bless us with gifts for him. my heart is overwhelmed. 

I'd finally tell you about my Atlanta trip today with a friend. How I'm excited to get a few days away in a new place, but TERRIFIED to leave husband and that I'll go into labor for some reason. I'd explain that I'm going to take pictures for my friends family and I'm nervous but excited about that too. 

I probably wouldn't be much of a good host because I'd be running around trying to get things ready for my trip and cooking dinners to freeze for husband. Maybe if you came this early in the morning, I'd be able to stop and drink some coffee with you.. or in reality.. Orange Juice. Because let's face it... I don't even own a coffee maker. 

Thanks for coming over.


Amanda said...

Cute post. ;)

Sweet Georgia Sweet said...

Very sweet post! Congrats on being a first time Mommy! I just became a first time Mommy too. It's pretty amazing! Hope you had fun in Atlanta - I love my city! ♥

New blog follower via The Anderson Crew: Embrace the Camera.


Anonymous said...

Stopping by from the Embrace the Camera link up... lovely post! Cute doggie, and congrats on becoming a mommy!