If you came over for coffee this week...

... you would not have wanted to meet on Monday or Tuesday. Husband and I were busy with his work. He organized a conference for the church planting network, ONE8 (where he works). Everything went SO smoothly. I'm so proud of him:) It was such a convicting two days. So thankful the Lord taught me so many things.

... you would have probably laughed as I tried to master my Moby Wrap on Wednesday. Poor teddy bear.. I almost ripped an arm off. C- I promise I'll master it by the time you come.

... I would have shown off this ADORABLE onsie  my friend made. I mean really? it's amazing.

 ... you would have noticed the pile of stuff that I'm packing in the hospital bag for C. Honestly, I'm really packing light. Several friends have given me tips on what I will and won't need. Thanks, friends!

... I would have told you about how on Wednesday night, Josh, me, and Finn all went down to MIL for some play time with her pups and dinner. I LOVE going back down there, and sometimes miss living there. It's such a serene place. To say that Finn loves car rides it an understatement. The dog l.i.v.e.s for them. 

... if we had met after Thursday, I would have maybe mentioned how Josh and I met with my Uncle for a meeting. You see, he is an adoption lawyer. Yep... we are starting the journey in January if all goes as planned. And yes, I know C will only be 3 months old at that time. We might be crazy, but I'm cool with that.

... after the meeting, we came home to get some stuff done around the house. I told Josh that I could put C's swing together all by myself... and I nailed it. Like a champ, but only because Finn helped. Josh put together his pack-n-play in our room were Finn's cage once went. He is now sleeping on Josh's side of the bed under the bedside table (finn that is.. not C ha!) we moved his cage to our storage room. He will only go in it when we leave the house. I know you really cared to know all that about our dog, but it was prayer of mine. I just didn't want to be over crowded in our room. Thank you Lord for answering the little prayers;)

 ... today might have actually been the best day to grab some coffee. Josh and I are just going to finish getting stuff ready for C which means cleaning my car and putting the car-seat in. We might attempt a date night tonight if this weather permits. amen for date nights and giftcards and really hot husbands:) 


Andrea said...

Enjoy these last weeks of pregnancy! Don't worry-you will get the Moby wrap down-it's much easier without a belly in the way!
And YAY for adoption! I'm so happy you are continuing on that journey

Emily Kate said...

Sooo exciting momma! I'm 19 weeks preg with our third son, love the name Canaan by the way it was on my name list, but we are going with Hosea!:) Also we are at the end of getting licensed for foster care, so I'm right there with ya adding a new one with a newborn. Wish we really could have coffee sometime!:)

Alexis said...

So exciting to see your prep!! Enjoy these last few weeks. It goes by so fast. My littlest is 2 months old and I miss my baby belly already!