Thankfulness {a response to my last post}

If you read my last post, this one will make a little more sense. 

I had a dear friend speak some hard truth into my life today. I think a lot of times we think we have it all figured out, that we don't need wise counsel, that we can come up with the answers on our own. Let me tell you friend... you can't and you won't. I am so thankful that I have several women in my life that can speak hard truth into my life, that can help me realize sin in my life, and that can point me back to Jesus. Most times I already know the things they are going to say, I just need to hear someone say it. 

My friend today told me to list all the all the things I am thankful for. So many times we let worldly things steal our true Joy-JESUS! With good intentions, I have tried to get this house ready for C. I honestly did not make it an idol in my life or a competition, I was just trying to be a "good wife and mother" and get things finished quickly. However, when I realized I would not have the finances to do those things... it stressed me out and stole my Joy.  Good intentions can turn into sin if we let them take our focus off of the Joy we can have in Christ! I was letting my pregnant hormonal emotions take over my thoughts instead of running to scripture or to Jesus and to be honest, my quiet times were lacking. Yes, I am human and like most born again believers, I struggle to keep my consistency in the word. I'm not perfect. 

My friend challenged me to write out all the things I am thankful for, and then to pray them in Praise to Lord. Let me just say it is so so so refreshing and exactly what I needed to do. I needed to put my focus back on the Lord and the Joy only He can give us.

Things I am thankful for in complete random order: 
My husband
Canaan growing
Canaan's great health
A Godly Husband
A Serving Husband
A Sensitive Husband
A Hard working Husband
A Comforting Husband
Our home
A roof and four walls of our very own
Free money the Lord has provided to decorate C's room with
Two cars that run and are paid for
My camera
The talent the Lord has given me with that Camera
My degree that will provide money through Sub-teaching
Gifts for C from others
Godly life-investing friends.
My Church
My computer and software to edit photography
Gift Cards for date nights 
Birthday money for me to buy a few "wanted but needed" items
Great health for Josh and I both
My Dad's Job. 
Canaan's shower and all the gifts we will recieve
and soooo much more!!!

 I know all of this is mostly just me having to adjust to all the new hormones raging through me. I've never been an emotional girl, so I am now having to learn how to balance them. I can not let them take over my thoughts or feelings.

Thank you Lord for conviction and your Son. Thank you for sweet friends who say hard things. Thank you for this sweet little boy growing so strong. Thank you for a Husband I don't deserve. 

I am thankful.

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Allison said...

What a sweet friend! We all are indeed blessed beyond measure if Jesus is our Savior!