36 weeks

Pregnancy Highlights

How far along: 36 weeks
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I'm thinking 27 to 28. not real sure.
Maternity Clothes: all the way, but comfy clothes and husband's t-shirts. 
Best Moment this Week: I've been scheduling out my days with a to-do list to keep me busy and active. This has been one of the most productive weeks for me! Ha! Our church also started it's first Wednesday night class last night. It was so great and convicting! Tomorrow we go for my 36 week appointment (I skipped my 35 week). I can't wait to hear that heart.
Gender: a BOY! Canaan Allen Kubler
Movement:He moves the most at night and randomly through the day. My belly is always wop-sided! ha!
Food Cravings: my love for avocados is back. amen. Also, give me all the fruit you have.
Food aversions: chocolate and anything spicy. Heartburn is a KILLER
What I Miss: a full nights sleep.
Sleep: I'm struggling. I wake up constantly, but I'll be positive and say it's my body training me for when baby comes:)
What I am looking forward to: C being here. gosh I'm so ready to meet him.
Belly Button:it's really stretched out but still kinda in. praise Jesus.

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