If you came over for coffee this week...

On Monday, I FINALLY finished and hung my plate wall. I attached paper clips with hot glue to the back of each plate and used command hooks for the wall. I love how it turned out:) The plates are from thrift stores and Anthropology.

I also would have shown you on Monday that I finished my chalkboard canvases and hung them in the kitchen...
One last thing I did Monday before Josh and I headed to my MIL for dinner, was finding a nook for my old bread door/shelf. It's been in my garage for almost a year. I haven't been quite sure where I wanted to put it. I decided on my dining room for now...

Monday was pretty busy for me. Tuesday, however, was much more relaxed. Praise Jesus! I did however make another pair of baby leggings for C. I love them:)

We could have sat outside on Tuesday during coffee time because the weather was UNREAL. You would have experienced the craziness that is Finn with a ball. I would have shown you a new book I started. It's totally about pregnant woman ha!

I would have shown you C's organized closet! Finally have just about every single thing washed and ready for C!!

You could have helped me make dinner. I made homemade rolls and soup! Recipes can be found here:)

On Wednesday, I would have told you how I'm 38 weeks and SOOOOOO ready to have C! 

Pregnancy Highlights

How far along: 38 weeks:)
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 29 pounds at my last two doc visits!
Maternity Clothes: all the way, but comfy clothes and husband's t-shirts. 
Best Moment this Week: spending time at home getting house stuff done and checked off my list!
Gender: a BOY! Canaan Allen Kubler
Movement: I feel every little thing. He is constantly moving. Mostly at night!
Food Cravings: Nothing in particular. my appetite is pretty normal.
Food aversions: red meat still. I just don't want it.
What I Miss: a full nights sleep.
Sleep: I get sleep in between pee breaks and I'm taking naps most days.
What I am looking forward to: Hopefully having Canaan NEXT WEEK!!
Belly Button: It's stretched out. Only pokes out if he is kicking right by it.

On Thursday, you could have come over and helped me clean:) It was about time I got some of that stuff done! I also met up with some friends for an impromptu girls night. Josh had a practice come up, so I got Mexican and Starbucks with some girlies! So nice to do because I know they will be rare for a while.

On Friday, Josh and I went to my doctor's appointment. We heard that sweet sweet fast heartbeat. Goodness I LOVE that sound. Doc is hoping I have him this week, if not, her goal was for me to be 3-4 cm on Friday, so she could induce me on my due date. She is going out of town the day after. So, fingers crossed he comes this week! Please pray that he does. Josh and I are beyond ready to meet him. Friday night, Josh and I got dinner with our good friends (and Josh's boss), George and Joy Ross. We went to dinner at the Butcher Shop. I love these two tremendously and I'm so thankful for their accountability and counseling.

Saturday, we could totally not have gotten coffee because Josh and I spent the day at my parents. Josh and my dad built me these shelves from subtle takeover. I sold some things around the house on FB to buy the kit. I totally helped them build the shelves by going shopping with my mom. Trust me, that's me helping. Husband said he followed the easy directions EXACTLY...
 That night, we had Weaver family night. We ate breakfast food and carved "fake" pumpkins (so they would last year to year) I haven't finished mine yet, but it will be an owl:) We also planned a Weaver family vacation for 2013. I seriously can NOT wait!!

Sunday after church, my dad came over to help Josh hang the shelves! Thanks dad! I absolutely LOVE how they turned out. Now, I did mention that husband said he followed the directions exactly. I believe him... yet, somehow, they turned out a little lopsided in some areas. I personally love it still because it's added character. However, if you buy the shelves for yourself, I would check, re-check, and maybe even email subtle takeover for more clear directions so you don't end up with a slanting shelf

Here's how it looks on the website: 

I think once I really decorate them, you won't be able to notice the shelf furthest to the right and how bad it slants. I love the rustic, homemade look, so it truly doesn't bother me that much. I can't wait to get them all decorated. Maybe if you come over for coffee next week, you can help me:)


Sweet Georgia Sweet said...

How exciting that you'll be welcoming your new little one soon! Blessings to you! LOVE your plate wall! I have a plate wall in my DR & love it!

Sarah Clark said...

I might be stealing all your DIY ideas...just so you know lol =)