C is 2 weeks old....

I've decided to do weekly updates until C reaches One month, then I will just do monthly updates/photos. C, I can't believe how big you already are. I look at your pictures from the hospital and want to cry. You already look so different. You are still in newborn diapers and clothes. You wake up once during the night to eat, and then around 7:30 or 8am. You do great during the night. During the day, you fight nap time. You LOVE being awake. We can not get over how alert you are all the time. You make a million faces and just stare at us continually. You can even hold your head up for a good 5-10seconds on your own. You will even pivot your head while you do it. Finn has become a little more wild since you have been around. He isn't quiet sure why you get more attention. You hardly ever fuss unless you are overly tired from not napping;) 

I'm loving every minute of being your mom. I went to the Chiropractor today. Theresa came to keep you. You took you BF bottle just fine and slept mostly. I was okay leaving you at first, but after a good 30 minutes I was ready to be home. 

I love you so much sweet boy. Please stop growing.

Today, you chilled with dad while he played some xbox. You also did AMAZING in your Moby Wrap while we ran several errands. You slept the entire time you were in it! So glad you love it!  These images make me love your daddy so much. He is such a great father.

Can't believe you are already two weeks.

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jillemersonbell said...

Hey Katie! My name is Jill Bell..I went to high school with Kuby. I found your blog somehow, and I am so excited for y'all! Canaan is precious!! What a blessing! I am pregnant and recently wrote down a few thoughts on newborns on my blog (ringingthebells1.blogspot.com) if you are interested. I have a heart for new moms because it was a hard transition for me. So happy for you! Tell Kuby hello for me! God bless!