C's Birth Story {plus a million pictures}

October 2nd started out like any other day. I really thought it would be another day of waiting on C to be born with no progress. I got up and walked on the treadmill then sat down to eat breakfast. While I was eating, I felt funny contractions. I ignored them and really thought they were just braxton hicks. After an hour, they continued. I started timing them and they were ranging 5 to 10 mins apart and lasting about a minute. I told Josh and he cancelled his meetings for the day. Around lunch he left to get Zaxby's and the contractions intensified a little bit, however, they were still sometimes 10 minutes apart. We ate lunch at watched a few tv shows. I then decided to edit some images. That's when they really started hurting. Josh and I watched another tv show, and I decided to call my doctor. The nurse at first thought I should wait and let them get closer together. When she realized this had been happening all morning, she told me to go in. I was thankful I had already showered and curled my hair bc I was supposed to meet a friend for coffee. At 4 Josh and I left for the hospital. I kept praying the whole way that they would not send me home. I was terrified I would only be 1cm still. 

Sure enough, after they check me into triage, I was still 1cm apart but my contractions were 4 minutes apart and VERY intense. The doctor decided to go ahead and admit me, and give me an epidural since they were so bad. PRAISE JESUS! After getting TWO epidurals (yeah, let's not talk about that), because they first one didn't take (apparently it's hard for athletic young girls who have scoliosis to get an epidural.. cough cough excuse). The doc checked and I had progressed to 4 cm. My mom, dad, and brothers came to chill with me while I waited. About an hour or so later I was 7cms. Then another 30 minutes and I was 9.5cms. By this time is was 11pm. My family left, and the doctor came to check. I was still only 9.5cms, and my epidural was wearing off on one side. They gave me another round and waited for it to take effect. By 12pm, I was ready to push. I pushed for 25 mins. At 12:30 C was born:)

SOOOOOO forever thankful my nurse (who actually used to babysit me when I was little, Lauren) grabbed my camera and started taking pictures. I didn't even ask her too. Some are blurry bc she shot on auto, but I definitely don't care.

We had the entire night of C to ourselves. He went to the nursery twice (once because a nurse made him) so that we could sleep. I'm so thankful we did. I have never been so exhausted in my life. I'm so thankful the Lord allowed him to be born so early in the morning. I will never forget those precious hours of bonding with sweet C and husband. 

That morning my mom and brother Ricky came to visit, and then a whole bunch of other people did too:) 

My friend, Brittany, had her sweet baby girl, Grace, the same day 7.5 hours later:) It was so convenient for our church. They just went right down the hall to visit each of us. She stopped by to visit. 

Just a few of C:)

I took a few the next day right before we left for home:)

 I will forever love these two images. I've never loved two people so much in my life as I do these two:)
Friday, we took it easy and my sister came over, as well as, the Prices, my mom, and grandmother. On Saturday, Josh's dad came with his Lady and their little girls. So precious

On Sunday, my parents stopped by. My cousin, Christi, brought us some yummy food, and my community group brought us dinner. 

Today, we went on a walk around the block. Our first time out of the house. Balancing life with a newborn has been a challenge, but this sweet baby is worth is. Nursing has had its bad moments, but overall I am really enjoying it. To say I'm exhausted is an understand, but I know it's just a small quick season. I praise Jesus constantly for such a smooth delivery and healthy baby. He is literally the cutest thing of my life, and I just want to hold him constantly. 

Josh... he has been AMAZING. I'm not even kidding. I'm almost crying thinking about it as I type. Every night he is up with me. Burping C or changing him in between nursing. Anything I ask him to do to help, he does it with no hesitation. I can not believe how incredibly lucky I am to have this man as my husband and C's father. It's unreal. I'm so so so thankful. Babe, thank you a million times for your love, support, and encouragement. I love you more today than I ever have. Having C has made me fall deeper in love with you. 

Tomorrow, we have our first doctor's appointment. I'm excited to get out of the house, and hearing what the doc has to say about C. I'm so thankful for this sweet baby. 

I hope to take his newborn pictures this week. Also, I've lost 15 pounds in one week! WHOOP! only 15 more to go!


Allyse Anderson said...

Aboslutely perfect. I couldnt be happier for my favorite family of 3! Love you.

Rachel said...

Oh, Yay! He's so cute! And so much hair! Glad everything went smoothly.

The sudden weight loss is great isn't it!?

Amanda said...

I loved looking at all those sweet newborn pics. It did make me miss that stage so bad. I loved all those late night cuddles in the hospital...nothing like them!

busy bee lauren said...

Oh my goodness! Such beautiful photos! And you look gorgeous while giving birth. Amazing!