Embrace the Camera

I've been following Emily's blog for some time now. I knew that once I had C, I would have to make myself participate in her Embrace The Camera series.  I have already taken so many pictures of C & Josh, but I have very few with myself and him. I have a feeling that sense I'm the photographer in the family, this is how it's going to be most of the time. I want to try and participate in her weekly series, so that I can make sure I have some pictures with sweet C. One day, my kids will be glad that they have them. 

So here we go. Most likely they will always be taken with my iphone. Still... I'm glad I'll have something.


kari Hill said...

AWW! What a cute baby!
Seriously cute pictures.


Danielle Huddleston said...

He is adorable!!!!

Eryn said...

He's SO LITTLE! Ah he melts my heart. So sweet. Congrats on your amazing bundle of joy!

Rachel said...

He's so tiny and cute! Lovely photos :)