IPhone & Instagram dump of C

Needless to say, I can't stop taking pictures of sweet C. My instagram feed has been over run by his cute little face. The past two weeks with him have been the hardest, but my absolute two favorite weeks ever. I love this little man to pieces. Adjusting to life with him has been a challenge, but I think we will get the hang of it soon:) He's literally the most alert child I have ever seen. I feel like that's all I ever say about him.. bc he IS SO ALERT:) He just stares at us.. sometimes for over an hour. Napping and bedtime are just not his thing right now. He is so into looking around and being awake. We are praying he falls madly and deeply in love with naps and bedtime soon:) He does sleep for a good 5-7 hours at night total. So I really can't complain:) Even though some of it has been hard, I love learning life with this little guy. He is teaching me so much, and the Lord is using him greatly to mold and shape me into more of an image of Christ. I'm in love with this little boy. It's unreal.

Let's all pray he learns to love naps soon! I've got to take his newborn pictures soon, but he won't nap long enough for me to do it! Little stinker:)

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Rachel said...

He is absolutely the sweetest, most perfect little thing I've ever seen! Congrats to you!!