a boy and his dog

Before C was born, Finn ruled the roost. Since C has been born, Finn is lucky if he is allowed in the roost during the day! poor pup. He really has adjusted pretty well to having C around. He definitely still has his moments of neediness that cause Josh and I to get a little frustrated with him. 

The other day, however, Finn decided not to bug me while I edited like he normally does. He decided to retreat to his once favorite spot in the house... our closet. (Now, our closet is connected to our bedroom obviously, and since C makes a million noises during the night, he now sleeps in our walk in closet. Yes, our baby sleeps in our closet. Now before your panties get all in a woad, know this... our closet is huge, it has a box fan, and a video monitor. C is perfectly okay in there. I just can't deal with him being all the way across the house at night yet, and this was our solution.)

Anyways.. back to the story. So, I was sitting there editing and I realized that I didn't have an annoying little pup yipping at me for attention. I panicked in thinking that he was probably hiding somewhere eating something he wasn't supposed to be.... 

but he surprised me. He was napping with his C. Almost as if he was protecting our little guy:

 I almost cried when I saw it. So precious. I quietly walked out and went back to work. About an hour later I went back to get C up for his feeding. Finn had moved around to face C and had his head laying on his bed. 


Of course the second I went to get a better shot, Finn moves his head. that stinker.

Love my boys. They are going to be the best of friends.

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Kelley Baker said...

Cutest moment ever! no judging...I know my mom said I slept in their closet as an infant. All is good :)