A tree gathering we shall go...

Growing up, we always started the Christmas season the weekend after Thanksgiving. Since we have been married, we have kept my childhood tradition alive. I'm so excited that C now gets to be apart of that tradition. 

On Friday, we did a little black Friday shopping. We always order the majority of our Christmas presents online on Black Friday so, we only had to go to Target and the Gap outlet. We came home and did some Christmas decorating to the house. I'll post all of those pictures later:)

 Saturday, we woke up early and ran a few errands then got our Christmas Tree. Josh's dad owns a nursery so we get our tree from him every year. It's such a blessing! 

Picking out a tree is one of my FAVORITE Christmas traditions. C slept the whole time! Ha!

We ran by the dip aka Velvet Cream after. My gosh. talk about the greasiest yet most scrumptious hamburger on the planet. so. yum. Love me some whole in the wall local eats!

Our house is all decked out in Christmas galore goodies. C just stares and stares at the Christmas Tree. Cheapest entertainment ever. I'll take it.

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