C's first Turkey Day

We had the best Thanksgiving this year. Having sweet C here with us is making this Holiday season way more fun than ever before. It makes me so excited for when he is older and can really enjoy it with us. 

Wednesday night we went down to Josh's mom's house to have Thanksgiving with her and his sister. We shot off some rounds from a 22 and a hand gun. I've never shot a "real" gun before so this was super fun for me. I promise we aren't rednecks. My brother-in-love works for the FBI. We shot his hand gun and my MIL's fathers old 22. My niece Sydney was natural.

 On Thanksgiving morning, husband I stayed in bed with C to watch the parade. I've watched it every single year since I can remember. It's one of my favorite traditions. Of course, C had to start the tradition himself but he preferred the back of his eyelids to ginormous balloons.

After the parade, I cooked and we headed over to my parents for Thanksgiving meal #2. My dad always fries and turkey and I promise they are better than any you have ever had. 

My sister, Lindsay, and her husband. He is growing out his stache for "Movember". My other sister, Audrey, has the cutest little family of 5. Sweet Judah is always that happy. love him.

My mom always does a great job at decorating the tables ^. 

My gosh it was good eatin. So thankful for my sweet family. I'm blessed to have married into such an awesome family as well. My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is that it's the official kick off to the Christmas season. WHOOOOP:)

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