Just a few random things I've learned lately

1. Little Boy loves when I sing silly songs or talk in weird voices. see above pictures.
2. He is the happiest right after he eats.. go figure.
3. Being a mom is the best thing ever. I mean... EVER.
4. Keeping a clean house and cooking is a little more challenging with a newborn. Not impossible, just challenging.
5. I've learned that sleeping 6 hours straight is pure gold. pure gold. Yes, C has slept 6 hours straight the last two nights. 11pm to 5am.Then he sleeps 5:30 to 7:30 or 8.  8 hours total! Please Lord let him keep that up!
6. The newborn stage was pretty hard for me. But this one month old stage... so so great.
7. We are super selfish people. I knew that already. When I got married, I realized how selfish of a person I really was. When I had C, I realized how selfish I really was on a whole new level. Let me tell you, I'm selfish. Thank you Jesus he constantly reminds me to die to myself wants.
8. Being a new mommy and so young has had its challenges so far, but good gosh I would not trade them for the world. being a mom is literally the best thing ever. see number 3. Now, all my friends my age just need to have a baby already.
9. I married one incredible man. that is the understatement of the year.
10. I've learned in this short month, that no matter how happy you may be in a career or life with just your husband. Have a baby... you'll experience a whole new kind of happy. One that is far, far better my friends.

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Rachel said...

6 hours sleep! Yay for you!

I only blogged this week about how our daughter has revealed selfishness in me. It's tough!