One month with little boy...

And a picture with teddy bear to show his growth over time;)


You are one month old today.
Best. month. of. my. life.
I honestly can't get over the fact that I've been holding you in my arms for a month. It seems like yesterday that I was writing this post. Becoming a mother has been such a huge adjustment for me. The first two weeks were pretty hard. With the hormones and uncertainties of what to do, I was worried that I would fail you. I was so unsure of how to take care of you. So many people told me that it would come naturally, and I just worried that it wouldn't for me. Turns out... it does come naturally:) Jesus has been so faithful. Again and again He has shown me that He has equipped me to be your mother. That if I sought Him, He would guide me. So, that's what I'm doing... seeking Jesus. My biggest prayer is that I always show you the gospel and Jesus. I want so badly for you to see Jesus shine through me. After the first two weeks and trusting Jesus, everything got SO much easier. You have adjusted to a schedule pretty nicely. You take your naps pretty regularly (although you still like to fight some), and you are sleeping 5 hours at night. We are working towards 6 to 7. You are still in newborn diapers and most newborn clothes. You can hold your head up so incredibly well and you have started to coo and ahh at us:) You can follow our voices and faces from side to side with your sweet little eyes. Which I am praying will stay blue. Red hair and blue eyes?? YES PLEASE! I've loved every minute of being your mother. Motherhood so far has shown me how incredibly selfish I can be, and what sacrifice really is. I am so so so thankful Jesus is letting me raise you. I know you are not my own, that you are His, but boy am I thankful that while on this Earth, you are mine to raise. Thank you Jesus for you blessings. 

I love you sweet C. Please stop growing on me. I love how tiny and little you are. How you love to snuggle in my arms, and you stop crying the second you hear my voice or feel my skin against yours. One day... that won't happen. I'm soaking in these precious moments. 

**Big thanks to Holly of Holly Winchell Paperie & Photography for sending me these ADORABLE monthly stickers to show off to you guys. I was so impressed with them. I had to peel and re-stick them several times, and they never lost their stickiness. I can't wait to show you all the other months. Check out her Facebook page here!

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