C is 2 months... #someonestoptime


Yesterday, you turned 2 months old. My gosh time is flying. These have been the best two months of my life. for real. You are hands down the easiest baby ever. You never fuss just to fuss, and you smile constantly. You are more alert than ever (which I didn't think was possible), but you now also take naps like a champ! You are sleeping through the night, 11-6:30. Morning time is my favorite. You are always the happiest then. You have learned to put your hands in your mouth, follow us with your eyes, smile, and talk (which you do all the time and I die with each little coo). Everyday is an absolute JOY with you. I'm pretty much obsessed with being your momma. We took you to the doctor yesterday! We LOVE Dr. Bubba. You now weigh 10.13 pounds. I can not believe it! You are 22.5 inches tall. You were in the 25-50th percentile in everything. Aka. a perfectly healthy normal sized baby. Your dad and I praised Jesus the whole way home for you! You got 3 shots yesterday and blew us away with how well you took them. You gave one loud cry, and as soon as I picked you up, you stopped.

This past month was full of firsts. Your first Thanksgiving, tree hunt, christmas decorating, ornament making, smiling, cooing. It's been an absolutely wonderful month, and I can't wait to start Christmas traditions with you this month! oh, you absolutely love the Christmas tree!!

I love being your mommy sweet C. You are the greatest blessing!

**Big thanks to Holly of Holly Winchell Paperie & Photography for sending me these ADORABLE monthly stickers to show off to you guys. I was so impressed with them. Check out her Facebook page here!

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Kelley said...

What a cutie! It is amazing how fast they change. Glad you are enjoying every minute...soak it up.