chrismah card y'all

Merry Christmas Everyone,

Josh, Katie, & C

It took me entirely too long to pic a photo from our family fall session (click here). I put it off until black friday and I'm SO GLAD I DID. Why? well cardstore.com offered some crazy deal. I got 35 cards, addressed, stamped, and mailed out through them for only...wait for it... $16 bucks!!!!!! So doing it next year!

hopefully I'll have a very cute little Christmas photo session with C tomorrow morning. Kinda like this session (click here). That is... if I can get this lazy self out of bed early enough to catch the pretty morning light. Also, I don't know why I combined Ebonics and southern accents in my title. It just happened. #sorrynotsorry

Now it's your turn, I absolutely LOVE Christmas cards. My chicken wire wall is almost full of them. Follow the blog & Link up your card! I want to see!!!


Kim Saveley said...

Love your Christmas Card.... Also love your outfit!!!!

Lil Light O Mine said...

you are right - that's a pretty cute baby! ;) love the card.