Christmas Vomit

yep, here's my annual "Christmas throw up all over my blog" post. 

Christmas Eve is always spent with Josh's family. We visit his dad and little sister that morning:)

Then that night we eat fish tacos and do presents with his mom and older sister:) yes, the tacos are amazing.  Every year we take a picture like this. This is C's first. He's not real happy about it.

Christmas morning we spent at home over yummy waffles and presents. That afternoon and rest of the day we spend at my parents.

Mom got an iPad. Needless to say, she was pretty darn excited:)

Dad got a gun. Had no clue it was coming his way. He was surprised to say the least. 

 These two munchkins got a big surprise...


Our annual picture in front of my mom's tree. 

The night ended with laughter from these two playing "Tea" with Poppa. 

So thankful that my Christmas was focused on Christ coming to save me from my selfishness and sin. I think with each passing year I get more and more excited to give than to receive. Thankful for a loving family. Not quite sure how I could make it without them:)

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