these three boys & a advent calendar

I asked a couple of my favorite bloggers to guest post on their favorite Christmas Traditions. I found Allison a while back through a random series of clicking through other blogs. I immidetaly felt a connection to her blog. She is a mommy of three adorable little boys. She used to live in Memphis.. crazy! She and her husband moved to be in Seminary... Josh just finished, and they just adopted. We can't wait to adopt! Her blog is so encouraging and one I look forward to reading everyday.  Thanks for posting Al, Josh and I can't wait to use this advent with C next year!

advent is Christmas

hi friends, this is al from after His smile. katie asked me to talk about my favorite Christmas tradition & at first all i could think about was stuff like... playing games, cooking with my sisters, driving around to look at lights or watching Christmas movies with my husband. but then i remembered that advent is just what Christmas is about. advent is us celebrating the coming of our Lord to pay the debt for our sins & free us. games, food, lights & movies pale in comparison to what He's done for us. my husband (mike) & i just started being very intentional about advent with our boys last year. this is our second year & we're enjoying it immensely. i grew up being very focused on what Christmas was about for me. what gifts i was going to get. how much fun i could have experiencing the season. but advent turns our eyes off of ourselves & onto the One who is to be greatly celebrated & welcomed into our homes this time of year. He came & we choose to let Him come & overtake our house in decoration & overwhelm our selfishness. 

we use Ann Voskamp's Jesse Tree devotional. (http://www.aholyexperience.com/2011/11/free-jesse-tree-advent-family-devotional/) & every night during advent we light our candles & cuddle on the floor & we listen to daddy tell us about Christ's plan to come. & we sing of His birth & we hang our ornament on our jesse tree. our boys may not understand all the words their daddy says, but they are seeing how important this celebration is & they're learning the words, "baby Jesus". & that is the whole point. simply, for two 2-year-olds & a 4-year-old they are understanding that we celebrate baby Jesus at Christmas & that is greater than all the gifts & cookies that this time of year brings. 

may your Christmas be full of His grace & may you celebrate Him like you never have before. please stop by after His smile & say "hi". :)

If you're stopping by from After His Smile, Be sure to look around! It's nice to have you:)

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