So that time she wore hilarious pajamas

 I've been wanting to find some new Christmas traditions to start with C. I asked some of my favorite bloggers to share what their favorite traditions are. One of my favorite bloggers is Nicole from Bloom. She has to be the cutest person I've ever seen. She is currently planning her dream wedding. It's such an encouragement to see her and her fiance pursue a Godly marriage. Thanks Nicole for guest blogging today!


Hey, Kate&Kuby readers!  My name is Nicole and you'll find me writing about my faith, my engagement, and any other thought that runs through my mind over at Bloom.  I've come to love blogging and the friendships that are formed through that, and I am so thankful to have begin to chat with Kate through our blogs the past few weeks!  I've come to love Kate's writing style and -of course- her precious, little family!

Kate asked me to share a little bit about my Christmas traditions and from the moment she asked me I knew just what I would share.  To give you a little background about me, I am an engaged gal with two younger siblings.  Obviously, Tyler and I don't have our own Christmas traditions yet, but some of the best memories I have come from Christmas with my family.  I know that as Tyler and I get married and start our own family many of our traditions will come from my own family.  

For as long as I can remember my Mom has allowed us to open one gift on Christmas Eve.  Every year we always, always looked forward to opening the box that contained our Christmas Pajamas!  When we were young we would always tear into our gifts and quickly slip into our new pajamas so that we could get ready for Santa to visit.  We would pitter patter into the kitchen and help Mom put the last few sprinkles onto the cookies and pour a big glass of milk in case Santa got thirsty, too.  We would pile the cookies onto our special "Santa" plate (which we still use on Christmas Eve!) and pose in front of the Christmas tree.  We would hold tight to that plate of cookies and that tall glass of milk as we smiled our big, happy Christmas Eve smiles.  

1995- Brett and I 

1996- Brett, Anna, and I:  Anna's first Christmas 

1999- Brett, Anna, and I

 I figured that as we got older my Mom would begin to pick out cute PJs for each of us that don't match... 

2011:  Brett, Anna, George(a friend), and I

but, we have continued to get matching PJs even as we have entered our teens and twenties. :)  Our Christmas Eve pajamas have become one of my favorite gifts each year and I know that this is a tradition that Tyler and I will have in our own family one day! 

If you're stopping by from Bloom, be sure to look around. It's nice to have you:)

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