He came, He saw, He held his head up.

yesterday I get an email from "What to Expect-Baby" that gives me the run down of how my child should be developing this week. Of course, since it is the standard every one should live by when raising a child (yes, that is sarcasm people), I decided to give C some tummy time for the first time.

I honestly didn't think this little tot could hold his head up yet.... obviously, I was wrong:) Josh and I cheered like he had just won a gold medal. Exciting stuff people. I quickly grabbed my camera. I missed most of the long pauses of head in mid air, but I did get a few shots of him doing it. He was so happy with himself.

As he should be... I mean, this is quite a feat.

Next accomplishment.... acquiring world peace. Also, remind me why Christmas trees aren't permanent decor all year round. I'm starting to think ours will be.


allison barker said...

sweet boy!

Nicole said...

I love that sweet look on his face! He looks proud of himself. :)

Allison said...

Ok this post makes me feel way better. Just yesterday I read that article too and started feeling like a crap mom for not giving M much tummy time yet. I got all worried she would never learn to crawl because of ny neglecting tummy time!! Then I made her do tummy time lots yesterday. My husband told me to give her a break and not worry about it. So glad I am not the only one!