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Alyssa is a fellow Memphian! How fun is that? She seriously lives 10 minutes from me and I found her through blogging. Crazy World! Her blog is FULL of things to do or places to eat in Memphis! I've even learned of several new places through her blog that I can't wait to try. She's a Jersey native exploring her new town. Thanks for stopping by, Alyssa! Josh and I love going to Zoo Lights, and we can't wait to take C!


Hi, I'm Alyssa, another Memphis area blogger over at  Ten Feet Off Beale. To me, it isn't Christmas without some traditions. Our special tradition is going to the Zoo! Yes. The Zoo. In December. Luckily, in Memphis, it isn't tooooo cold.

Every year, the Memphis Zoo decorates for the holidays with stringing lights and holiday displays. They also have a temporary ice skating rink and singing Christmas trees!

We enjoy getting some hot chocolate and simply walking around and taking it all in. Between the light displays, people watching, ice skating, and spending time with each other.

Jeremy, my boyfriend, took me to Zoo Lights right at the very beginning of our relationship. We often spend time reminiscing about that night, and how nervous we both were. Going to Zoo Lights has become a Christmas tradition for us that I look forward to all year and know that we will keep going for (hopefully) many many more years.

Be sure to check with your local zoo, Memphis isn't the only one around that does this. Maybe it will even become a new Christmas tradition for you!

Thanks for reading! Be sure to stop by my blog to see what other fun stuff I do around the city of Memphis.

A big thank you to Kate for letting me guest post :) I love finding other Memphis area bloggers!!


If you're stopping by from Ten Feet Off Beale, be sure to look around and stay a while! This guest series was so fun to do! I can't wait for next Christmas when C is a little older and starting all these new traditions! Be sure to read the other posts!!

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Sarah Hope Dickert said...

New follower! (I live in Memphis, too!) Congrats on your handsome baby boy-- he's gorgeous!