that time i took a tiny baby out in 30 degree weather #momfail

I'm dreaming of a white (day after) Christmas. Seriously, the day after. Not Christmas day. The day after. Oh Memphis. you really have horrible timing.

C's first snow.

Husband only let him stay outside for a total of 10 seconds because the wind was insane. His view pretty much consisted of our jackets. poor guy. maybe next year.


Angela said...

well, he looks cute even if he was only out there 10 seconds! I am stopping by from the Wednesday Walkabout and am now following. I would love for you to stop by my blog and follow along.

Jamie said...

Brr. It snowed here yesterday too.

Lisa said...

snow on Christmas day! That blows my mind, Christmas day here is spent trying to stay cool :)

Awesome blog, I hope I find time to have a good look around xx

Alesha said...

Beautiful post and pictures! I am visiting from the link up at Casey's blog.
Alesha <3