the best thing you could possibly buy your kids...

is this book right here. no joke, C will sit and just stare at the pictures while Josh reads. #presh

It's so colorful and vibrant. My absolute favorite thing is that it highlights Jesus is every story of the bible. Sometimes we forget that the bibles main theme is Jesus. The way every story is written beautifully highlights Jesus. Also, it isn't watered down. The cross was a gruesome, injustice, and tragic act done against Jesus. I want my kids to know that. This Bible displays that so appropriately for young children. My husband and I can't get enough of it. C loves to stare at the colorful pictures. We have almost read through it once and plan to start it right back over. Best children's Bible out there. hands down. 

i'm sure they won't mind getting it a few days after Christmas. Go order it now HERE

*this is not a sponsored post. I just really love it okay:)

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Alesha said...

I love this storybook version of the bible for kids! How wonderful! =)
Alesha <3