gosh. he's my favorite

 Sweet little boy is getting bigger than teddy.

Hey C,

you're three months old today. It's been 3 months of wonderful bliss. Three months of complete joy. Three months of thankfulness. Three months of gratitude. But most importantly it's been three months of praising Jesus for the richest blessing I've ever known... you.

You're sleeping 9/9:30pm to 8am straight. no waking up. at all. and when you do in the morning, you wake up so so happy:) HALLELUJAH! You are in 3 months clothes and size one diapers.

You laugh all the time. You LOVE to stand on your legs. You are reaching for things with your hands to some extent. You hate tummy time. You love your hands and putting them in your mouth. You can follow our voices and eyes around the room. You know my voice and your dads. You take your 4-5 naps like a champ everyday. You have started "talking" non stop when you're awake.  You love to hold your hands or hold anything.

You are such a blessing to us C. We love you dearly.


Like an infinite fall said...

Your baby is really cute!

katie ridings said...

Just found your blog through a mutual blog!! You have a sweetie on your hands!! My little guy just turned 5 months :)!! I LOVE the nap nanny, matthew sleeps in it every night, it was seriously a life saver.