If this doesn't make you smile, you've got serious issues : Coffee Date

If you came over for coffee the past two days, you would have probably been trapped over. An ice storm hit here on Tuesday. Husband went yesterday for the "survival" things we needed from Kroger. Like Sea Salt Caramel Truffle Ice Cream. Yes, it's a must for surviving being stuck inside for two going on three days.

Texting the outside world was the only way to keep the sanity going. You would have watched Pitch Perfect with us, and loved it just like we did.

I also would have shared this:

The past few months have been a real debbie downer. One major thing I've been praying for myself and close family/friends is rest and peace during this time. It's clear the Lord is working but it's one of those situations where the Lord is only shining a flash light right on your feet to show you the path and not a little ways ahead of you. It's one of those situations where you are stuck walking blinding with only faith to guide you. It's one of those situations where you just really have no clue what the Lord is doing, and your faith is being tested. It's one of those situations where all you can really do it trust Jesus, and trust Him a lot. It's one of those situations where you just don't feel Him very near.  All that to say, the Lord sent me some rest and peace yesterday in the form of a little boy laughing. It brought so much joy. It brought reassurance that Jesus is good and does good always. It brought a little bit of peace on a much needed day. Thank you Jesus for laughter.

The best thing about our coffee date is that you would have experienced this with us. If this doesn't make you laugh, you've got issues, and we can't have coffee anymore. But seriously, enjoy:


Valerie Griffin said...

1. that ice cream looks delicious.

2. we watched Pitch Perfect last night too!

3. that video is ADORABLE!

Alyssa A said...

I'm praying for you! Canaan is the cutest! That video kills me! Love you!

Kasey Lynne said...

Have you tried Kroger's Private Selection flavor Mint Denali? You should try it! It's one of my husband and I's favorite ice cream flavors!

Suzanne said...

So very, very precious!