if you came over for coffee this weekend...

...you would have found that we had a slow weekend. Can I get an amen?
Friday, we stayed in all day long, and it was glorious. Finn and Canaan had some fun times on the play mat. Hints the pictures.

Saturday, we stayed in again during the day. I got some things done around the house. That night Josh and I went on a date. Canaan came along. Surprisingly, he found his car seat to be so delightful, he slept through the meal. 
 Sunday, we had church. Our afternoon consisted of a big ole nap. It.was.heaven. That night we had a members meeting, and then we grabbed dinner at Panera Bread with friends. Get the fuji apple salad when you go, and then thank me for introducing you to heaven in a bowl. Seriously. It's delicious.

I like to consider Monday's as part of the weekend. It makes them more pleasant. I met up with a blogger friend turned real life friend who happens to live 2 minutes from me. Okay, really it's three minutes if you count traffic. We recreated a chicken wire wall that I have in my kitchen. Turned out beautiful! Then grocery shopping happened. whoop de doo. Then, I tried a new work out dvd. I'll tell you about it once my abs stop killing me. Thanks Tracey Anderson.

So I guess our coffee date would be pretty simple. Some weekends you just need to sit at home and enjoy your little boy giggling over puppy licks to the face. Then scrub his face vigourously. or not. Don't people claim dog's mouths are cleaner than humans?? Sure. We'll go with that!

OH P.S- I'm guest blogging over at After His Smile today. One of my favorite blogs! I'm talking about having another baby. Yes, I know. I'm cray cray!


Sarah Hope said...

How fun! We're just getting started with the adoption process also-- I'd love to talk more about your path forward from here! (We're still trying to pick an agency.)

Nicole said...

Yayyyyy. Your wall is making an appearance on the blog tomorrow, for sure. Too bad we didn't take a picture. That would have been too perfect. It's going to be a kate&kuby kind of week with your guest post on Wednesday, too!

Valerie Griffin said...

Katie...I LOVE your blog! Like...it's quite possibly my favorite ;) I got so excited when I saw your comment!

I've actually been using little C's nursery as inspiration for Miller's! I love how you used a variety of colors and objects. That there is no specific theme & that a lot of it you got a yard sales...So great. I haven't done much on Miller's nursery yet, but I'm excited to get started! I have no theme either..just lots of colors & ALL boy :) OH & I did purchase though awesome pencils from TJ Maxx...so cute!

By the way...your son is the cutest little boy I've ever seen and y'all make me so excited to have a little boy on the way :)

Valerie Griffin said...

& yes! I live VERY close to Memphis..we are about 30 minutes from Wolfchase! We shall have to meet in real life. & have play dates when my baby boy arrives. :)

& yes, LOOOOVE Jesus! I am so blessed to have a job where I get to share his love with children every day. It's awesome. :)

Valerie Griffin said...

last comment-your button is now on my blog :)

Becky [Apples of Gold] said...

Your boy is precious and sounds like you had a perfectly relaxing and enjoyable weekend! Those are my fave kind! Kudos for starting your post-baby workouts already! My daughter is 16 months old and I have yet to start mine! =/ No bueno.