if you came over for coffee this weekend...

For this week's coffee date, I decided to actually have coffee with a friend. Well, almost. You see, Becky, is a friend of mine I've met through blogging. She loves Jesus, and her little girl is seriously so precious. I had a stroke of genius when I was trying to think of a fun way to keep in touch with her. Since we can't literally have a coffee date, I decided to invite her to a bloggers coffee date. Her conversation and comments will be in RED. Warning, this post is just as random in conversation as it would be to sit down with your best gal pal over coffee.

This weekend was pretty slow for us. By slow, I mean that we started Downton Abbey on Friday and watched two whole seasons and are now caught up. Pathetic? Probably. If you watch Downton Abbey then you know our addiction is one of complete sanity. Please tell me you watch it? Meanwhile, little boy is growing like a weed. He finally fits some of my favorite skinny bebe jeans.

What'd you do this weekend girl?

He's adorable in his little jeans!!
Before I get into our weekend-- Who doesn't love Downton Abbey?! (My husband, probably, but I won't ask because I'd never forgive him for not loving it.) My parents filled me in on the Downton hype last summer BUT I rarely ever get to watch it [saddest of sad faces.] All my life I've been horrible at keeping up with tv shows but one of these days I shall plant my rear on our living room couch, log into the amazingness that is Netflix and watch episode after episode of it!

We had a pretty slow week last week [think PJ's, Kleenex, Vicks, nasal bulbs, and sleepless nights.] My Bekah was sick so we had no other choice but to spend a whole lot of time loungin' around, watching reruns of Sesame Street and reading books with Teddy. 

Thankfully she felt better just in time for us to party all weekend! 
Not really. We actually had plans to hang in San Francisco and just stroll around, browse through some shops, walk through the farmer's market, and stare at the fog over the Golden Gate (seriously, why don't I live there. Memphis=the nasty mississippy river) BUT we totally got rerouted on our way there and ended up in Marshall's, where my husband allowed me to roam free while he supervised Bekah. That's always pretty awesome.  Let's get your husband and my husband to have a coffee date so he can fill him in on that genius idea. okay?

We ended our weekend at a friend's house. We wore our pajammies and I felt sick, so I kept Bekah's hat on all night. 

That hat is adorable. Don't tell, but there is a toboggan of C's that I wear sometimes, too.  

For moms with little babies, finding time to do anything has to be quick. I'm learning how to get things done while C is napping or playing on his  play mat. I think I'm finally getting the hang of it. This is totally random to share, but it's just SO good and SO quick. My daily breakfast:

 1 package original oatmeal
handful of frozen berries
1/3 cup water (I add just a tad more after that)
dash of sugar and cinnamon
so. good. as you can see up there ^ I ate it all up before I could even snap a pic. Funny to think while I was eating brekkie, you were snoozin in bed. Oh how I wish I could be three hours behind time, but still on my time. confusing? but makes sense though right.

Mmm mmm MMM! That does sound good! I'll have to try it sometime! 
I had something pretty scrumptious for lunch today. 
The best part about it was none of it was made by me. 
The catfish was brought over by a friend, the green beans were seasoned and sautéed by my husband, and the shrimp chowder was made by my mother-in-love. 
My stomach thanked me.

My stomach wishes I had been there. That seriously looks delish. On a different note entirely, I need your advice. Canaan seems to be starting to teeth. Atleast, he wants to put everything in his mouth and chomp, chomp, chomp. I bought the Sophie teether after hearing rave reviews. I thought it kind of silly how people went on and on and on over a rubber giraffe. But, C is kinda obsessed with it. What did you use to get you through teething?

Aww, that giraffe idea is genius! I must be living under a rock because I've never heard of the Sophie teether.
We used Hyland's homeopathic teething tablets and oragel. Both can be found in Target. Your babe is small yet, but when he starts eating solids you can freeze veggies (broccoli, celery, etc) and let him chomp on 'em while he sits in his highchair. It'll soothe his gums, add to his nutrient intake and entertain him for a bit! 
All of that and lots of prayer will get you both through the rough teething stages!
You're a serious genius. I'm totally going to give all those a try. If you other ladies joining in on today's coffee date have recommendations, comment below! I'd love to hear them:)

I did get out this weekend (but before we started Downton Abbey, I couldn't have husband watch a single episode without me) to visit my sister and make valentine door hangers. Seriously girl, it's the easiest thing ever. Just cut fabric, canvas, or burlap in whatever shape. Paint. Hot glue the sides together. Stuff with Walmart bags. BOOM. Adorable door hanger.

I love that it's so pretty and simple to make! Definitely my kind of project. You've inspired me to try it out!  
I'm not so sure I'll be able to finish it in time for Valentines Day though. 
I mean, I just finished packing away the last of our Christmas décor.
Our mantle is now bare and ready for the next holiday. 

I'm starting to collect shoes for C. My sister gave me these shoes for him for Christmas. Annoyingly cute, right?
 They are Minnetonka. Any certain brand of shoes you use for Bekah that are boy friendly, too?

Thank you so so so much for mentioning these moccasins! 
I've been dying to buy Bekah some new shoes and these are exactly what I had in mind, except I wasn't sure which brand to buy. 
I can't say I have any fashion advice to offer you (did you notice the baby boy onesie my daughter had on in the first picture? Long story for another coffee date.) Bekah currently has exactly one pair of shoes that fit her because she, too, is growing like a weed! 
These moccasins are perfect for her next pair. 

Thank you so much for having me "out for coffee" Kate!
Maybe someday we can grab a real cup o' joe together and share oodles and oodles of random coffee talk. 
I'm off to our couch to enjoy a post-coffee Izze with my dinner! 

 Thanks for joining me for a coffee date, Becky. To be honest, I wrote this post with a glass of OJ instead, but you had Izze so I think we are good, right? Crazy how we totally didn't plan what we would discuss or show pictures of, but yet, it was still so geniune and flowy (yes, I might have made that word up). Last thing, do you think it's possible to get that food shipped to me? just curious:) Hop on over and visit Becky. Promise you will be SO HAPPY you did. Also, just go ahead and follow her blog. Again, you'll be happy you did. pinky.

 Ladies, link up your coffee date if you'd like in the comments! I'd love to see:)


Valerie Griffin said...

this is just too cute!

& jonathan i LOVE Downtown Abbey! have you watched any of this season yet!? Sunday's episode was heartbreaking!

&& we already have a Sophie! Good to hear C loves his :)

sarah {on the brightside...} said...

This is such a fun idea! I saw it at Becky's blog too! :)

I have just started watching Downton Abbey!! I am almost through with the first season & I love it!

And I love your hexagon shelves... SO CUTE! Did you buy them or make them?

Leah said...

H, found your blog through Becky's.
Your baby is adorable and i'm loving your blog.
you guys had the best idea. i enjoyed reading the coversation. definitely sounds like one between good friends!

Nicole said...

You are too cute! PS. I need to see your adorable house in person... and we can have a REAL coffee date!

katie ridings said...

Those mocassins are SO cute!! Look at that little one holding on to his sophie for dear life haha :)