InstaTHURSDAY... on friday.

C really started to swat, hold things, and laugh this week. Hilarious. Also, way cuter in person:)

date night with friends and little boy / oh you know. just being a creeper.

on a bad day. he made it so so much better.

 {insert awwwee}

yes, I lived in that shirt this past week. don't worry.. it was washed... maybe. 

C loved watching Passion2013 this week.

yep. he's three months now. and it only took me that long to get back to my pre-preggo weight. WHOOP!

 c also loved sleeping through Passion2013 this week.

all right y'all. link it up. or don't:) Just be sure to grab the button over there ---> if you do

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Kelley said...

What beautiful eyes baby C! 3 months and baby weight is off - way to go mommy!! :)