*Playing together this weekend. More pics of that HERE
*Night time bible reading. We LOVE this book. Check out my review HERE.
*if you just had a baby. do this DVD. It's unreal. My reward... green goodness. 
 *oh you know, just achieving the perfect ponytail right before bedtime. #storyofmylife
 *on a sick day. He just needed me. Thankful for Moby Wraps
 *I HATE addressing envelopes, so I got a little crazy with it.
 *I mean. precious.
 *morning cuddles are where it's at.

Every Thursday, Link up your Instagrams or Iphone pictures. One day when I finally get around to making my blog into a book, I'll be glad I added these pictures in!

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Like an infinite fall said...

Your blog is my new favorite one! I just love it, you are really inspiring!
Have a nice day!