Jesus and an Owl hat

This morning I woke up burdened over a loved one. That's been my routine most mornings lately.

C wakes up similarly. He cries in the darkness of his room calling out for my embrace. My touch is the only thing that soothes his weary cries. Once I hold him, he settles. Once I nurse him, he's happy.

On mornings like this, my heavenly father does the same. I wake burdened and feeling alone. The darkness of this world entraps me. I cry for my father and He hears. He hears me. He soothes my soul through His word. His word nurses me back to happiness. His embrace is felt.

I'm not sure how people make it in this world not knowing His love. Or maybe they do, but they reject it. He loves like none other. From His love comes freedom. True freedom. From His love comes soothing during hurt. From his love comes forgiveness, hope, redemption. His love is his son, Jesus. Without Him, I'm not quite sure I would make it sometimes. He is my Joy. Oh, how I wish you would let Him be yours.

On a different note:

After my quiet time, I remembered this sweet hat a friend gave me. She's super talented. It brings me happiness to see it on my bebe's little head. Thank you Jesus for the little things... like owl hats.

Thanks Hillary for the ridiculously adorable hat. This morning it made me happy.

Interested in one? email me, I'll send you her contact info. She makes all different animals and styles. Hopefully, I'll be showing you more of her adorable creations!

(this is not a sponsored post, I just simply love her hats)


Valerie Griffin said...

love this post. everything about it :)

Mari said...

This post is lovely! :)


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Nicole said...

her hats are insane... the ones that Layton has KILL me they are so cute!!