pinterest? more like failtrest.

Sunday night right before I went to bed, I had a stroke of genius. I've pinned several hair tutorials on Pinterest, and I decided to try one. 

Step 1. put a head band around your head
Step 2. tuck wet hair around head band on both sides, and in the back. 
Step 3. sleep 
Step 4. wake up to this: 

Step 5. Presume that everything is going to work out great so continue getting ready
Step 6. With 30 minutes left before you leave, take hair down. 
Step 7. Die. your hair turned out nothing like said "normal girl on pinterest who just happened to think of this hair style and it turned out absolutely beautiful for her"
Step 8. Brush out, put hair spray in. Pray that magically helps

Step 9. Panic. Don't be fooled by the picture above. Those curls only happen right there in the front. The back of my head was completely straight. It was the worst. I was rocking a curly mullet.

Step 10. With now only 10 minutes before you need to walk out the door, assemble hair in a pony tail, and pretend this is what you were going for all along.

Step 11. never try pinterest hair tutorials ever again. Or at least on a day where you don't have to go anywhere. lesson learned.

p.s. I actually really liked that pony tail so I guess I didn't have a total pinterest fail. whoop!
p.s.s In case you were wondering, Canaan slept through the night. He fell asleep at 9 on the dot. Never woke up even once. He woke up super happy at 7:40 this morning. That kid.  Swear he is the best.
p.s.s.s >I don't think that's even a real thing right there- This POST really encouraged me today. SO thankful for other bloggers who live Jesus. Read it. Thanks Al.


Whitney said...

You are too cute! I've actually tried that on my hair before, and I ended up with a curly mullet too..no bueno. At least you had the good sense to make a cute ponytail out of it. :)

Happy Tuesday!

Hillary Norton said...

I actually got this to work! (Jt DIED laughing when I walked out of the bedroom that night....) Your hair needs to be DRY, and the tighter you wrap your hair around headband, the tighter the curl, so if you go looser you get a looser curl...It took me a few times to get it right, and I still had to touch up a few spots with a curling iron...but the end result was cute!

Nicole said...

This would TOTALLY be me. If I see any kind of hair thing on pinterest I think, "Wow, that looks so easy. I could totally do that!" And then I can't. Like, at all. Sad day. But, your pony tail looks super cute!!

Valerie Griffin said...

i tried this last year! major fail!

Wendy @ Ramblings from the Sunshine State said...

I tried this as well. Totally didn't work for me either!

Like an infinite fall said...

this is so funny and it's something that would totally happend to me!

Sara Cate said...

I'm in the same boat! I tried this and there was no way I was going anywhere in public without pulling it back. Good save with the side twist style!

Andrea {kerubo mama} said...

That ponytail is probably the best save I've seen! I've tried a few pinterest inspired hair things, all of which I've deeply regretted! haha. Oh Pinterest, I love you and yet I loathe you.

Gorgeous blog, lovely! Your pictures are beautiful!! xo

Kasey Lynne said...

This is the EXACT reason why I haven't tried this hairstyle. My hair has a mind of its own, and it would probably rebel like crazy.
But your ponytail? GORGEOUS! Perfect amount of wave in your hair.

Jill said...

Ha I love your commentary/descriptions! :) I don't have a lot of great luck w/Pinterest hair tutorials either. I did try one that worked out okay back when I was on vacation, like a topsytail and then you rolled the ponytail inside itself and pinned. Either way, your ponytail still turned out cute :)

Lauren said...

LOVE it! :) New follower from the link up!


Alisa Marie said...

Haha - so glad I haven't tried this one! However, you hair turned out looking really cute in the end :) New follower!